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The national development vision, Vision 2016 was established in 1996 following nationwide consultations led by a Presidential Task Group. The need for the creation of a national vision was precipitated by the need for Botswana to intentionally define and manage its path to ‘Prosperity for All’, as well as how it adjusts to the rapidly changing global economy and social order.

It was important for Batswana to articulate their aspirations for the kind of society they would like Botswana to be by the year 2016, when the nation will be celebrating its fiftieth anniversary of independence.

Vision 2016, which encapsulates the aspirations of Batswana into seven pillars known as the Vision 2016 Pillars, has served as a guiding framework for national development programmes and policies.


The Vision 2016 Council was subsequently established to monitor and evaluate the implementation of the Vision; Ensure stakeholder participation in implementation of the Vision by the Private, Public and Civil Society sectors; and to advise accordingly.

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